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Is Consuming Pickles Everyday OK? Here’s The Answer

We Indians love our pickles and enjoy them with every feast. But is it a great idea to eat pickle every day? We find out…

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Pickles are an indelible part of the Indian cuisine. This is best accompaniment to Indian breads and rice dishes is enough to make our mouths water. We mostly eat it with parathas, curd rice, puris and just about anything and everything . Some people even love to just gobble the spicy goodness without needing anything to pair it with. From carrots to mangoes, lemons, red and green chillies, and even fish and chicken, we Indians pickle almost everything. After all, what’s the point of food that hasn’t been spiced well? Several people are in the habit of devouring pickles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as they need that kick of spices and flavour with each and every meal.

But, is it healthy to eat pickles everyday?

  1. Pickles are healthy because they are made by fermenting food stuff and hence are great for the gut. 
  2. Pickled dills, pickled garlic, pickled chilies, bread and butter pickles, kosher pickles, sweet pickles, and sour pickles provide high amount of  antioxidants good for your skin.
  3. Some pickles serve as Probiotic thanks to the helpful bacteria.    
  4. Pickled lemon or ginger may be just what you need when a wave of nausea hits you. But a sweet pickle may worsen it.  
  5. If you’re having a pickle that includes vinegar as an ingredient, you could also tap into the benefits of delayed gastric emptying or slow digestion. This helps your stomach release glucose slowly and prevents the blood glucose spike typical after a meal.
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